Our Seafood Services

Our past and present sevices exporting seafoods from Indonesia and assisting foreign seafood companies establish themselves in Indonesia are exceptional, and include :

▪Daily updated export available seafood price list, is the only service of its type being offered for Indonesian seafoods.

▪Source any seafood you are seeking from Indonesia. If we don’t export a wanted seafood through our own or family owned or operated seafood plants, we can still arrange the export of the wanted seafood (s)’ to you.

▪Arrange, produce and export seafoods in your own personal packaging.

▪Developing your value added seafood products.

▪Sourcing your seafoods so you receive consistent and regular supplies of high quality seafood every week of the year and added supplies when needed during your peak selling periods of the year.

▪Arranging personal quality control staff to ensure consistent high quality for your seafoods and making sure your seafood specifications are attained.

▪Assist your company to establish, operate and export a seafood plant in Indonesia.

▪Establish exclusive rights to an existing seafood plant in Indonesia only exporting seafoods to you.

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