About Us

We Are Indonesian Seafood Exporters, Seafood Consultants, Seafood Joint Venturers and Have Seafood Plants for Lease

We have been successfully exporting seafoods ourselves, assisting other Indonesian companies to export seafoods, assisting foreign seafood companies receive seafood from Indonesia and arranging leasing Indonesian seafood plants to joint venture foreign Indonesian seafood companies, for over 20 years.

Our management staff, with over 40 years in the foreign and Indonesian seafood business, has developed numerous seafood exporting businesses between foreign and Indonesian seafood companies, developed foreign and Indonesian joint venture seafood projects and have managed the leasing of seafood plants to Indonesian seafood companies.

We can assist your company for your seafood needs, by way of seafood consultant to your company, or sourcing your Indonesian seafood needs, assisting or managing your seafood exports or assisting your company lease a Indonesian seafood plant.


  • Sourcing the best quality seafood raw materials and a continuous supply of each seafood raw material
  • Sourcing, negotiating and monitoring the most suitable Indonesian seafood plant to export to you
  • Continually monitoring and providing intel on field raw material prices
  • Assisting with negotiating the best minimal risk payment system for your foreign importing company
  • Monitoring and matching foreign import company progress payments, to actual physical production by the Indonesian seafood export company
  • Placing and managing a QA staff in the Indonesian seafood export company, to monitor quality and monitor your seafood specifications and any other instructions as directed
  • Weekly progress, monitoring and intel reports
  • Monitoring and assisting with best price cargo and freight costs
  • Weekly teleconferencing with your company
  • Weekly teleconferencing with the Indonesian plant
  • Once a week, or more times if needed, our specialist Indonesian management staff will visit the Indonesian seafood plant to inspect production quantities in accordance with finished product production schedules, quality of raw materials, quality of finished products, packaging, seafood specifications and any other weekly inspection requirements 
  • Export documentation checking
  • Assisting with sourcing packaging according to your company’s specifications 
  • Monitoring all seafood raw material sourcing and receiving, processing quality and seafood specifications, finished products, cold storage facilities and all export issues
  • Updates on sourcing additional seafoods with seafood raw material prices, quantities and seasons
  • Monitoring all pricing issues and fluctuations that may cause any changes in seafood prices being offered
  • Foreign staff frequently visiting the Indonesian seafood plant producing and exporting your seafoods
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